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Non-Profit & Movement Chaplaincy Support

Through a combination of group workshops and confidential, one-on-one listening services using an employee assistance program model, our comprehensive chaplaincy programs help organizations and groups hold space for their staff and constituents living, working, and/or serving in difficult contexts. Using the services, participants are able to reflect upon and make meaning of the experiences and events unfolding in their lives and work in a safe and supportive way.


Transformative Facilitation Services

Bring us on to facilitate a meeting or retreat for your team, organization, or group. Whether you are hoping to explore shared vision and values, connect through conflict, or recharge after a difficult period of work, our chaplains are expert facilitators who can create the space for a rich relational experience that will meet your needs.


Professional Development Workshops

We can design and teach a customized spiritual leadership workshop or ongoing learning program for your network, students, fellows, staff, or volunteers. Content is developed based on our expertise in facilitating people’s growth in the spiritual dimensions of leadership justice, peace, and healing.


Custom Deep Listening & Facilitation Skills Training ProgramS

If you would like to develop your own team's spiritual listening and transformative group facilitation skills, we can design a custom training program to meet your needs. As an adaptation of our own training programs, what we design for you will have all of the benefits of our honed expertise in teaching group facilitation and 1:1 spiritual companionship with the added benefit of being customized to meet the specific learning needs of your context and people. 


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